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Our trainings combine ancient wisdom with modern insight for a new generation of leaders.

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It's been too long that the arbitrary '200-hour' requirement for yoga teachers has dominated the yoga community in the United States.

We can no longer align ourselves with Yoga Alliance, because to do so would be participating in the colonization of yoga in America. 

2020 highlighted so many issues with the yoga industry: the controversial 'necessity' of a regulatory agency being one of them. 

We say, no one owns yoga.

This is why we are leaving Yoga Alliance.

This training is also 'beyond 200' because it goes far and beyond the minimal requirements of a traditional yoga teacher training curriculum: you will leave this training with the skills required to be an exceptional yoga teacher, but you'll also leave with so much more.

The confidence to transform your life in order to find lasting contentment.

The courage to live more in alignment with your True Self.

The ability to navigate your relationships with the ease and grace of a spiritual warrior.

The tools and Presence needed to be a leader in your field or community.

The wisdom necessary to achieve optimal health and vitality.


Sami, creator and leader of this training, brings over a decade of experience teaching yoga to the table.


She has immersed herself in the teachings in India and completed over a thousand hours of continuing education as a student on the yoga path. Her diverse background with women's health, prenatal movement, trauma-informed teaching, and teaching to diverse populations is reflected in the perspective she brings to her teaching and mentorship. Sami is currently working on her Master's of Science degree in Alternative Medicine


"Sami’s energy and vibe is infectious and she empowers you to be a better version of yourself.

It was apparent that she went above and beyond and provided an abundance of knowledge and experience."  

- Nicole, training graduate



“Having the ability to share my own life experiences comfortably and grow over this yoga teacher training has been rewarding and life changing."

— Nikki, YTT Graduate

"Doing yoga teacher training with Sami from The Cure was the best decision of my life."

- Kayla, YTT Graduate

"This was like ... shedding a whole person. Thank you."

- Lyndsey, YTT Graduate


Sami beautifully crafted a curriculum filled with tools and tips for life on and off the yoga mat. She goes beyond teaching a physical practice. Sami takes you through the journey of yoga beginning with its philosophy, to learning about the energetic body, and ties it into applicable issues today like women’s health plus so much more! 

— Carmen, YTT Graduate


A Life-Altering Journey Through the Chakra System

Understanding the Body Physioligically + Mystically

The Art of Breath

The Wisdom of Indigenous Medicine (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, + more)

Debunking Health Myths / Systems of Oppression in Healthcare

Radical Women's Health Practices + Raising the next generation of warriors

Pregnancy + Postpartum Health: A Traditional Perspective

The Art of Hands-On Healing & Thai Massage

Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation

Awakening Yourself & Others during this period of planetary ascension

Trauma + the Mind/Body

Radical Entrepreneurism

Music and Vibration for Healing

This training includes:

12 weeks of live training calls (Wednesdays)

over 100 hours of downloadable video content

recorded meditations

downloadable resources for teaching

1:1 mentorship with Sami

guest speakers and teachers

yoga teacher training certification



Payment in full

Payment plan
$1,000 down + $500/month for 3 months

Course purchase is non-refundable.

Join the waitlist for upcoming trainings

Thanks for submitting!


those who want to become yoga teachers

those who want to deepen their own spiritual practice

those who want to overcome their own trauma and walk the path of a warrior

those who want to learn how to become masters of their own health

those who are inspired to become wellness leaders in their communities

those who aren't aligned with the trends taking place in the yoga industry and are looking to get back to the true meaning of the practice

yoga teachers looking to up-level their careers in the yoga business

anyone who feels the call