"Your marketing is too .. intimidating. Have you tried making it less sex-y?"

Recently someone asked me why empowerment has to equal sexuality.


The short answer: it doesn't. If who you are doesn't feel aligned or filled up by expressing yourself sexually, maybe it's not true for you. Maybe empowerment lies in other things.


But maybe, just maybe, we as women reject sexuality because we think of it as male territory. Maybe the objectification of the female body and our sex-negative culture have led us to believe sexuality is not for us, and does not belong to us. Maybe we have too much resentment and frustration at this hijacking of our own bodies (rightfully so). We resist reclaiming & embracing our sexuality to see what kind of world comes about. Also, maybe it's terrifying.

- Sami Migliozzi, Owner & Founder

But at The Cure Studios we believe that creating a more sex-positive context for people leads to less resistance to being in your body, which leads to better awareness, which leads to better health (i.e.: when you want to take care of yourself, and also, you know how). We also recognize that the emotional trauma most of us walk around with and feelings of insecurity around sexuality hold us back from going for our full potential - hold us back from being the most confident one to walk into a room. We know how epically the world could change if we all felt that

The bridge to get from point A to point B isn't easy, but it's possible. The most important part? Making sexy part of your identity. We're not talking about looking "sexy" by culture's standards, but feeling it. When it's part of your identity, you prioritize it, and when you prioritize it, amazingly therapeutic changes happen. 

Each of our classes is aimed at helping you release insecurity, take yourself out of the box you've placed yourself in, and liberate you from fear or discomfort in your own body. That's why we ain't backing down. Sexy is most necessary. 

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