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Why You DON'T Need To Wear Booty Shorts to My Buti Class

Lately I’ve been posting a lot on my personal page about empowered sexuality and body confidence, and what it means to me. For me and my personal journey, empowered sexuality is being able to retake ownership of my female form by doing with it whatever feels good to me, wearing clothes I’m comfortable in & using my body in ways that light me up from the inside. I love wearing whatever makes me feel confident, no matter how much skin is showing or how much or little attention it begs, because it feels good, and I do it in reverence of all the women in my lineage that weren't allowed to adorn their bodies however they damn well please. Maybe a lot of the team at the studio shares that same sentiment, whatever path they’ve taken to get there; which is why our photos might be filled with a lot of thighs, stomachs, and bums.

But by no means should any one every feel like if they don't put on booty shorts to come to class, they aren't “doing it right”. We want you to come in a bathing suit or a jump suit. Bikini top or long-sleeve top, or something in-between. Shorts or pants with full socks up to your knees: we don't care. What we do care, is if something or someone is pressuring you to dress in a way that doesn't feel like your best self. Women over 40 feel weird about wearing crop tops? Who says? Wear what you want to wear! You are just as beautiful, sensual, sexual and deserving as you were at 16, 22, and 25. Reversely, don't let our bare upper leg section pressure you into showing more skin than you’re into. If full fluffy footy pajamas are what get you in the mood and feeling your most deserving, please rock them with confidence and be assured no one inside our doors will judge you for it. We are so thankful to say our classes are filled with women of all ages covering the full spectrum of levels of exposure and there’s no rhyme, reason, or rules to it. The goal in our classes is not to convince you to bare more, but to get each other to a place of utter dont-give-a-f***-ness, and if you’re already there in your high-waist ankle-long Lululemons, we are stoked & you should be too. Like the Navajo proverb, “If you want to know what your body will look like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.” We don't start with the physical; it manifests naturally from how we feel. We called our February challenge #soulmatebody because we work on the soul first: body follows. Mental health & happiness is where it’s at. So no need to message us and as, “What should I wear to my first Buti class?” The answer always is and always will be: whatever lights you up!

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