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Fill Your Cup

By Contributor Leigh Olmsted

Summertime is here! But do you fear summer just a little because you’ll wonder how you’ll have the energy to manage your kids with them home so much? Are you thinking about how to get workouts in this summer? In the back of your mind, maybe you’re even wondering if you’ll have any fun yourself or do any things that make you feel good, or will it all be focused on the kids?

It used to be the case (I’ve read online and sorta remember) that a generation ago, parents did things THEY wanted to do, and the kids went along for the ride. My dad loved the outdoors and was part of the Greenbelt Association. So sometimes on weekends, my parents would take us somewhere and we would just walk in the woods. Yeah it was boring sometimes, but they did not feel guilty about this, they just did it. That is how my dad would fill his cup after a long week of work and have the energy and happiness to play with us and help us do things we wanted.

In our world today it feels like so much is separate, compartmentalized. That’s why I’m looking for ways to bring my kids along WITH me to things that I like to do. The best is if we can all do it together. But also good is if they can be there and see me doing things I love. They get to see another side of me, and also, as they are imprinting on me as a mom, then when they become adult women, they will be more likely to keep doing things that they love.

So why not bring your kids to The Cure?!? We will have childcare this summer at the 8:45am weekday classes. Your kids will see what a strong, wild, fun, energized woman you are (oh and you might start to believe this about yourself too). And it’s early enough that you can pop over to the beach by 10.

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