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You Cannot Be an Empowered Woman & Be Afraid of Your ...

Updated: Mar 27, 2019


I got an awesome question from a student after class today, who was drawn to our studio because of our not-so-subtle female-empowerment vibe, which was how did I get in to the whole women's empowerment thing, anyway?

I thought this was such a great question, especially since I'm in my early twenties, and it's so easy to get caught up in the "well-isn't-everybody-doing-it-these-days?-Goddesses!-Yas-queen!" and suddenly I'm tagging every picture #fiercefemales and not being conscientious of why I'm doing it in the first place.

The short of my long personal journey is this: First of all, I have to give credit it where credit is due, which is (as usual) to my mother - as I was raised mostly in one of those all-female-we-dont-need-no-man households. I got into yoga early, and that led me to alternative medicine, which was my college track. Post-grad, I worked as a doula, and am technically *currently* in midwifery school taking a - uh - few - years off. I was always drawn to women's health, I guess mostly because I always loved babies, so of course I had to love the people that birthed them, and also I suppose I was always intrigued by the sexual power my female role models seemed to hold over the men in their lives. When I started working with women in labor is when I got my wake-up call to the overall oppressed phenomenon that is female sexuality. I would be talking to these soon-to-be pregnant mamas, most of them older than me, and the majority of them were terrified because ... they had no idea what their own lady parts looked like. They were scared shitless of their own vagina. Some of the younger ones didn't even know how they had become pregnant in the first place. They didn't know how anything worked, let alone feel like the powerful-primal-goddess-sorceresses that I had always thought women were. There was this disconnect in my brain of how I understood female sexuality, and how women were actually FEELING in their sexual lives.

And then I had another thing click, which was I realized - I've been teaching yoga for a decade, a practice solely focused on embodiment, and - holy shit! - I NEVER talk about our sensual or sexual energy. WOW am I leaving out a key ingredient. I always FELT my own sexual being in my practice, as I'm sure many people do, but even in the fitness world we aren't allowed to talk about it. I actually remember saying to men who used yoga for pickup lines (suuuuuuper original, by the way), "Yoga isn't sexual." But here's the thing ... it IS! Moving & being in tune with our bodies can't NOT be sexual - we are SEXUAL beings. We are animals!!! And even in the BODY world, movement world, physical world - we are denying this part of ourselves.

Well, women are denying it. MEN are exploiting it - and they are profiting off of it. Let me explain. You may think this argument is silly so far, because all of our Instagram feeds are plastered with yogis who seem to be using their sexuality to climb to the top of the Instafame charts. But they, too, are repressing it. Posting a picture of your bum in tight yoga pants with a obscure philosophical quote seems one mis-step from owning your sexuality. So does advertising to women "If you do THIS yoga or fitness program, you'll get a big butt, toned thighs, and a small waist, and then men will want you, and if you don't, they won't!" - and if you are denying that that's 99% of the fitness industry in this moment, you better check again, babe. But that is NOT embodying our sexuality. Embodying our sexuality is , I'm-so-in-tune-with-my-shakti-energy-that-it-doesnt-matter-what-I-look-like-sexual-partners-will-find-me-irresistible-because-I'm-buzzing-with-life-force-and-then-I-can-attract-whatever-I-want-for-my-own-pleasure-without-shame .... whew. THAT is how you bring primal sensuality into the fitness & yoga universe.

And why is it important to women's empowerment? Owning our place in the world begins with owning our sexual energy. How can we fight for women's rights, rights to choose, rights to do what we want with our bodies, if we don't even fully understand what our own bodies CAN DO?

Enter Buti yoga, primal dance, and all forms of movement we teach here at the studio - because self-love, sexuality, and women's empowerment go hand-in-hand.

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