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We <3 our students. Everyone that walks into the studio each day brings so much joy, positivity, and uniqueness to the space! We wanted to showcase a little bit of our OG students' journeys, so we reached out to them to share. We hope you enjoy & this may add a little inspiration for anyone feeling timid about getting over that first-class hurdle!

From Kay:

1. What impact has coming to The Cure had in your life (if any)?

I have always been one who needed a friend to come to new experiences with me. Then I started to get annoyed and impatient because I didn’t have anyone who was reliable and consistently up for attending classes with me. When The Cure opened, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me to suck it up and brave the storm alone, because I hadn’t heard of buti yoga or any of the other classes they offered. I knew that if I totally embarrassed myself, or had a terrible experience- I wouldn’t really lose much. So I nervously got there with just a few minutes to spare so I wouldn’t be awkwardly making small talk with other students there. The buti class started- and i was immediately enveloped by the music and the energy that was coming off of Sami. I found myself unwillingly smiling and moving in ways I never had before. I was literally sad when it ended- I felt like I could have gone for another hour!

My body and soul needed that energy more than I had realized.

Since that first class, I went from biweekly visits, to 3 visits/ week within a few months. I found that I had way more energy in my daily life- and way more confidence. I never did dance as a kid and always wish I had been given the opportunity because I craved movement and always felt awkward compared to friends and other people I saw who had even a little bit of dance training. Coming to buti and being able to mirror (or at least try) the instructor in both a fluid sense, a structural sense, and a strengthening sense- really pushed me to want to show up for myself and push by body and mind to the next challenging move. I have gained so much joy from pushing myself to show up to that first class- it’s truly changed my life. 

To list it simply, The Cure has had an impact on my life in these ways:
1. Confidence to try new things by myself
2. More love for my body - getting dressed takes half as much time in the morning!
3. Being stronger, feeling stronger 
4. More flexibility- physically and emotionally 

2. What is your favorite class?

Buti & all beginner dance classes 

3. Who is your favorite instructor?

So hard to choose! I love Sami for buti. Mikayla, Em, and Emily for dance. Anne whenever I need a real butt kicking

4. What's one thing you were nervous about?

I was nervous about looking like I didn’t know what I was doing. I quickly realized after the first class that i was up for the challenge and wanted to keep coming back to build my yogic knowledge with the teachers at The Cure.

5. What's one thing you can always expect to leave class with?

A clear mind, more energy than I walked in with, and an open heart.

From Taedra:

1. What impact has coming to The Cure had in your life (if any)?

Through joining The Cure, I feel more flexible physically and mentally. For example, I move muscles that I haven’t used in awhile and I do movements that I’ve never done before. My body feels more relaxed; and the cardio workout leaves me drenched in sweat! These classes also give me an amazing mental release where I feel like my soul has been recharged at the end.

2. What is your favorite class? Buti!

3. Who is your favorite instructor? 

I love all of the instructors because each one provides a different feel but all provide a worthwhile workout.

I never have to worry about getting bored with the same movements. 

Even if you go to the same instructor, it’s never the same routine. Also, they all have motivating playlists!

4. What's one thing you were nervous about?

I was nervous about whether I’d be able to keep up with the pace and do all of the movements.  Those feelings have subsided though because of the overall vibe at The Cure of no judgement.

5. What's one thing you can always expect to leave class with? 

I can always expect to leave class drenched in sweat, feeling recharged and thinking about when I can get to the next class!

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