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Sexy = Most Necessary

Recently someone asked me why empowerment has to equal sexuality.

The short answer: it doesn't. If who you are doesn't feel aligned or filled up by expressing yourself sexually, maybe it's not true for you. Maybe empowerment lies in other things.

But maybe, just maybe, we as women reject sexuality because we think of it as male territory. Maybe pornographic images and the objectification of the female body have led us to believe sexuality is not FOR us, and does not BELONG to us. Maybe we have too much resentment and frustration at this hijacking of our own bodies (rightfully so). We resist reclaiming & embracing our sexuality to see what kind of world comes about.

But your second chakra is your ruler: of sex, creativity, and the power to manifest. Your ability to bring about your wildest dreams in real life: yeah, that's your second chakra. Especially for women. And unfortunately, you can't shut down one part of it without shutting down the whole darn thing.

So we just invite you to ask: what is the resistance? Is it because "sexuality" doesn't resonate with me? Or is it because of feelings of judgment I'm harboring against myself? Is it because of generations of stigma placed on my soul as a woman?

Is it because I simply don't know how to FEEL sexual, all alone, by myself, without someone telling me how to look or how to act, since someone has placed expectations on my sexuality for my entire life?

What the rising of your creative, sexual energy force and the re-awakening of sexuality is all about is just that: understanding, and OWNing, what awakens your innate, deep, creative sexual power, without the judgment or definition of others. Most of the women that we see in class have kids, have careers, have life partners ... who are they trying to "look" sexy for? No one but themselves. The magic that follows ... well, you just wait.

So we want to know: what is ONE WAY empowering yourself sexually has changed YOUR LIFE - that has *nothing* to do with sex, romance, or relationships? Message us on FB or Instagram & let us know!

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