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Overcoming Fear

Among people who are interested in the evolution of humans - which seems to be focused so much now on relational, emotional, spiritual questions - there is talk about the baggage we need to unload. Old systems don't work anymore and need to be overhauled. Old paradigms need to shift. Racism, sexism, patriarchy, and other forms of discrimination, division, hatred, fighting... we all need to be working on better ways. What needs to change is not only us but has been around for a long time, whether it's systems, or traditions, family patterns passed down for generations, ancestral DNA... it seems like no matter what kind of stuff you believe in, it seems like change is needed and is happening.

However, in the midst of so much change, we need to remember that there are also things from the past that can really help us. We all need to feel safe, secure, and stable. Fear can be a motivator but it's a tough place to operate from if we really want to tap into wisdom. Feeling insecure and unsafe and uncertain is not new to humans. Not matter how hard we try we cannot create true 100% foolproof physical or emotional security. That is not how life works. The closest thing that humans have to safety and security is love and acceptance. So as we try to work on this as a country and as a world, we need to reach for those things that make us feel that way on a smaller scale. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents may have got some things wrong according to our perspective today, but they did know something about survival, determination, perseverance, overcoming odds, helping each other, and sticking to core values. Hopefully we can all look to the things in our lives that create safety, security and acceptance for us, and be in that place, and from there have the strength to face the challenges that come our way.

One thing our ancestors knew was that there is strength in numbers. "Tribes" did not develop out of coincidence - they developed out of need. And we use that word here at the studio because that's what we are - a group of people that care about, support, and help each other.

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