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Community in the Cold

My alternative title for this post was THE HEAT & THE BEAT - keep reading to find out why.

It's the first snow of the season! So we're bound to start hearing those sayings New Englanders love to say. "New Englanders are rugged! The cold doesn't bother us! Hunker down!"

And so on, and so forth. While these are undeniably true, there's a common theme most of us have likely observed in our lives: us tough New Englanders might be less likely to reach out when we're needing help, or feeling down - which is so likely and easy to happen in these darker months of the year.

I myself heard a lot of it over Thanksgiving -

"We're so isolated in our house"

"I don't move my body much until spring"

"There's nowhere to go be with people"

And for those of you who frequent the studio, you know what I was thinking-

Yes, there is. Come be with us!

Summers are great, but this is the time of year that I appreciate the studio most - not just because it's a balmy 85+ degrees and I can wear shorts & still get a deep sweat on, but because I can congregate there with my people. Every day we show up for each other to connect & to laugh. The connections you make there are the type of people you can call on when you're feeling down. The movement, music, and mood are medicine for this time of year.

Winter solstice is coming up, and on the shortest day of the year we are coming together for another early morning RAVE with DJ Skooch (!!!) to celebrate our 2 year anniversary as a studio & community! We hope you will join us! Let's keep each others' hearts warm through this New England winter!

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