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Come As You Are.

I’m here to clarify something:

When I started The Cure, I intended it to stand for only one thing.

Radical self-acceptance.

Now, I think there’s a little bit of confusion around what that means. Sometimes when you stand up for something, you get thrown in a box. Once you stand up for something you believe in, it’s as if you’re against all other things that aren’t that thing. “Oh you stand up for racial justice, so you must be this!” “You’re anti-diet culture, so you must believe that!” “You’re pro-let-a-woman-do-whatever-the-hell-she-wants-with-her-body so you must support candidate so-and-so!”

This leaves me half chucking / half horrified most of the time, when outsiders peering in on studio life say “Well I thought I couldn’t come here unless I support xyz or believe xyz.”

Hell. to. the. No.

Let’s get this straight: any and all misconceptions for what we support/align with/jive with at the studio are just that: misconceptions.

We support any and all beliefs/views/opinions that are bringing you closer to being your biggest, most awesomest self.

There’s a concept in one of my favorite books, “Come As You Are”, that says “don’t yuck someone else’s yum.”

So we don’t allow body-focused negative self-talk at the studio. So what? What this means is, if someone else is having an awesome day, feeling great about her bod, and she walks in to hear you say “Damn, I ate pasta all weekend and now I gotta’ work this tummy off”, suddenly she’s looking at her tummy wondering why she felt so good about it in the first place. And then maybe she takes that feeling home to her daughter, and so do you. And then we create another generation of women that spend most of their time and brainpower judging their bodies & punishing them into submission. Sound familiar?

But what that does not entail is everyone needing to believe the same things, act the same way, or think the same think. It means we want you to be your you-est self possible, and let them be their they-est selves possible, and let me be my me-est self possible, without anyone yucking each others’ yum.

And hey - if you’re not in place where you’re ready to say, “I’m not perfect, but I’m damn good the way I am - and I’m ready to celebrate that. I’m not on a road to anywhere. This is me” - then that type of radical self-acceptance can be pretty damn confronting.

How scary it can be to step into a “judgment-free zone” when you’re constantly judging yourself & others.

We get it.

We know that’s how most of us have been raised, and that to let that part of us slip away is scary. Judging ourselves & others helps us organize the world into boxes. It helps us decide we are right & they are wrong. It helps us decide there’s something to be done about this mess, something to be fixed, something we can always be improving on or making better, on and on until we reach happiness/perfection/enlightenment.

But what if that’s just not the way it is.

We’re here & ready to celebrate you, and help you love up yourself, wherever you’re at, and wherever you’re coming from. And we hope you’ll be brave enough to do the same for yourself.

We will continue to, as we have always, be there to hold space for the difficult conversations that need to be had. Be there to help the paradigm shift - the needle shift - even an inch. And to cheer you on towards radical self-acceptance. Ya, we stand for that.

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