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Buti & Your Pelvic Floor

The Pelvic Floor ... heard of it? I bet you have. It's super trendy right now. And, you have one. But do you even know what it is? Or what the buzz is all about?

For women, your pelvic floor consists of thirty-two muscles (and other connective tissues) "stretched like a hammock from your tailbone to your pubic bone", that "hold up" your bowels, bladder, and uterus. Strength AND flexibility in the pelvic floor determine our ability to open and close these sphincters (i.e., urinate on command ... or ... not on command). After pregnancy and childbirth, when the pelvic floor loses some of its elasticity or is weakened or damaged, women can experience some of these unpleasant symptoms of pelvic floor weakness. This may also cause that feeling of lack-of-feeling in that area (you know what we're talking about?) and can even affect women's ability to have a vaginal orgasm (*gasp*!).

Even ancient India knew the importance of the pelvic floor. If you're a yogi you have probably heard the term "mule bandha", which translates to "root lock". This action consists of engaging the pelvic floor (think: trying not to pee or trying to give hug to something inside your vagina). But what we may not have known then, that new science taught us, is that "kegels" are a useless thing of the past. That's because it's not JUST strength that counts with the pelvic floor, it's also the ability to RELAX it. Think of taking big breaths in and out, where the expansion is equally as important as the contraction. This range of elasticity is ultimately what determined the health & functioning of your pelvic floor.

Enter Buti yoga. Buti yoga, with the spiral structure technique and very intense and targeted abdominal movements, encourages us to engage our pelvic floor nearly the entire time we're doing it. The awareness required to tune into our womb/abdominal space for these coordinated movements helps us to get back in touch with our pelvic floor where it may have once been forgotten. After just a few classes women describe feeling "stronger down there" and more in touch with that area than they even were before pregnancy and childbirth. Benefits of that? Body confidence, awareness, control, and ... hello!? more orgasms!

Got questions about how our classes can help your pelvic floor? Reach out to us!

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