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Make One Change ... Dance MORE!

from a student

There is a lot in our worlds – both our personal worlds and the world at large – that demands so much energy, stamina, determination, courage, action (I could go on and on). If you are not yet where you want to be in terms of living in your worlds, you could… start dancing.

This might not seem to make any sense at first. But -

So far I haven’t found anything that makes me feel as empowered as dancing does. There are the traditions. There are the scientific studies. You can google it if you want. Dance has a purpose and it’s not about impressing people or looking hot or being really good at it (although if you are into it for those reasons, no judgement here). You just *feel* empowered when you do it.

Through dance, I’ve gotten to dance with people from all over the country and the world, from all different backgrounds and all different ages, you name it. I never even knew you could connect with people in this way. And I’ve found that people who dance are VERY accepting and friendly, even when you’re new to dance and feel like you aren’t very good.

If you’re like me, you’ve been trying to approach problems for a long time (like, forever) with your brain and information and talking talking talking. Not to minimize the value of this, but I never realized that what I really needed was a different kind of solution.

Most importantly though – aside from being “a good idea”, or “a solution” or trying to achieve some kind of outcome - you might just FEEL REALLY GOOD doing it. For me, this is what separates buti yoga from other forms of yoga or exercise. It’s great because it’s an intense cardio workout, it’s great because it gets you really strong (especially in the core), it’s great because it incorporates the flexibility and mental focus of yoga and activates the chakras, but I LOVE it because the music is pumping, I’m learning tribal dance and hip hop, I’m sweating and I’m expressing myself (no matter how it looks to anyone else). After buti, I really feel like I can take on my day with energy and, dare I say, some good feels! even if there is tough stuff to tackle. I am SO glad that I took a chance and tried it!!

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