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Killington, VT

First of all, we are so proud of you for choosing to prioritize yourself and your pleasure. As a society, we have been taught to put ourselves last, to disconnect from our bodies, and to disconnect from our inherent right to pleasure and joy, as well as sexual freedom and empowerment. As women, we tend to develop sexual shame and guilt and stepping into our full embodiment of our sexual selves can feel unattainable. With that being said, pleasure practices that are not inherently sexual can support us in releasing this shame and stepping into our power.  We have designed a weekend for your exploration of your personal pleasure- what that can look like and feel like for you, in your body, in your day-to-day life; including, but not limited to: relationship to food and eating, body&touch, music, mindfulness, connection with nature, restorative rest, the breath, movement, and more. The culmination of the weekend is a Naked Yoga Workshop experience with a self-touch component led by a trauma-informed, experienced facilitator. This experience is not intended to result in orgasm but is more of an intentional offering for exploring your body, receiving pleasure, and then harnessing that energy to show up more fully in your life. The intention of this weekend is a personal, solo journey and we are setting the boundary that sexual relations between participants will be prohibited in order to hold safe space for all. 




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Lodging Options:

Private home, set in the mountains of Killington, VT.

Hot tub included in price!


$667/bunk bed in a room of 4 (early bird pricing)

$710/ private room with queen bed (2 available) (early bird pricing)


$779/bunk bed in a room of 4 (regular pricing)

$819/ private room with queen bed (2 available) (regular pricing)

Upon registering you will receive a payment request via Venmo for the deposit